I-MiEV Maximum Range in Winter

With winter tires and dropping temperatures, range on the i-MiEV is significantly decreased.

We’re still having a blast commuting with the i-MiEV through Canadian winter.

One area where we have noticed a significant change in the i-MiEV’s behaviour is the maximum range in winter.

The temperature and winter tires have significantly altered the range of the i-MiEV.

“In the summer time we were consistently averaging 120-130 km,” says ROKO owner Harald Kober, “on average in winter we are getting 75 km on a single charge.”

We haven’t looked into a change in charge time in winter temperatures, however it still filling up just fine overnight.

“As a rule I always have at least 12 hours to charge which is sufficient time when charging with the 240v charger.  I have adopted the rule that if the battery is approximately at 1/2 charge or less I will not use the 110v charger.”

Kober says driving an electric car in winter has brought out a hidden benefit of being fuel free.

“One nice thing about the winter drive is that there is no warm up period required before you start moving after having started the i-MiEV. ”

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And what about winter?

What’s it like driving the i-MiEV in winter? A pleasure, as it turns out.

When we bought the i-MiEV, one of the questions that constantly popped up in conversations was: ‘well, I’m sure it’ll do alright in the summer. What about winter?’

Can the i-MiEV handle snow and ice and all the surprises a cold Canadian winter can throw at us?

Yes. We’ve popped on the winter tires and are still cruising around the Okanagan. (We should note that we don’t recommend attempting winter driving  without winter tires.)

“Winter driving here is a real pleasure,” says ROKO owner Harald Kober.

“Driving in the snow has turned out to be very secure.  The vehicle handles well and there is no indication of the vehicle floating or drifting in the snow.”

The car hugs the road without the feeling of wanting to spin out, a pleasant change from ROKO’s Toyota hybrids, which often feel like they want to slide around more.

One evening vehicles were having trouble coming up Upland Drive and surprisingly the i-MiEV navigated it without any issues. That boosts our confidence in the i-MiEV!

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