Uh-Oh Battery Cell Troubles

Well, the i-MiEV had to take an unexpected trip to the repair shop due to a battery malfunction a little while back.

To date, we’ve been unable to extract the cause of  the problem. All we know is that the battery had a bad cell and needed to be replaced.

Thankfully, the i-MiEV is under warranty, as a new battery is very, very expensive: approximately $17,000!

The i-MiEV all loaded up and ready to go get the battery replaced.

Here’s the symptoms we encountered when the bad cell presented itself:

“The vehicle was not letting the battery take a full charge.  We noticed after charging over night the meter indicating the battery state of charge was not full up,” says ROKO Ltd. owner Harald Kober.

When plugging in the i-MiEV, the charge function would stop — sometimes immediately and sometimes up to half an hour later.

“Furthermore, after driving the vehicle without a full charge an indicator light came on in the dash which suggested a problem.”

So we transported it to Mitsubishi, keeping in mind that the i-MiEV can not be towed in a conventional fashion. It needs to be transported on a flat-bed truck.

Since it’s return to our care, everything has been running smooth — we’re now putting it through some cold weather exercises to see how it copes with Okanagan winters.

About Roko

Roko Service has been servicing auto electrical needs in Vernon and area since 1954. Our qualified, cohesive team makes customer satisfaction a priority which is why we take pride in our work and fully guarantee all repairs. We offer quality parts at fair prices on all automotive, marine and industrial repairs whether big or small.
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