I-MiEV Maximum Range in Winter

With winter tires and dropping temperatures, range on the i-MiEV is significantly decreased.

We’re still having a blast commuting with the i-MiEV through Canadian winter.

One area where we have noticed a significant change in the i-MiEV’s behaviour is the maximum range in winter.

The temperature and winter tires have significantly altered the range of the i-MiEV.

“In the summer time we were consistently averaging 120-130 km,” says ROKO owner Harald Kober, “on average in winter we are getting 75 km on a single charge.”

We haven’t looked into a change in charge time in winter temperatures, however it still filling up just fine overnight.

“As a rule I always have at least 12 hours to charge which is sufficient time when charging with the 240v charger.  I have adopted the rule that if the battery is approximately at 1/2 charge or less I will not use the 110v charger.”

Kober says driving an electric car in winter has brought out a hidden benefit of being fuel free.

“One nice thing about the winter drive is that there is no warm up period required before you start moving after having started the i-MiEV. ”

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