Uh-Oh Battery Cell Troubles

Well, the i-MiEV had to take an unexpected trip to the repair shop due to a battery malfunction a little while back.

To date, we’ve been unable to extract the cause of  the problem. All we know is that the battery had a bad cell and needed to be replaced.

Thankfully, the i-MiEV is under warranty, as a new battery is very, very expensive: approximately $17,000!

The i-MiEV all loaded up and ready to go get the battery replaced.

Here’s the symptoms we encountered when the bad cell presented itself:

“The vehicle was not letting the battery take a full charge.  We noticed after charging over night the meter indicating the battery state of charge was not full up,” says ROKO Ltd. owner Harald Kober.

When plugging in the i-MiEV, the charge function would stop — sometimes immediately and sometimes up to half an hour later.

“Furthermore, after driving the vehicle without a full charge an indicator light came on in the dash which suggested a problem.”

So we transported it to Mitsubishi, keeping in mind that the i-MiEV can not be towed in a conventional fashion. It needs to be transported on a flat-bed truck.

Since it’s return to our care, everything has been running smooth — we’re now putting it through some cold weather exercises to see how it copes with Okanagan winters.

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The day the Queen visited Roko

Here at Roko Service Ltd., we were reminiscing over a cup of coffee and remembering back to a time when Queen Elizabeth II and her motorcade stopped by to visit shop founder Roland Kober during their royal tour in 1959.

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