Magneto Rebuilding

High voltage ignition systems for vintage and specialized engine applications can be furnished by a magneto. Fundamental to the magneto is the ability of the magneto to produce the high voltage used for the ignition system spark without the need of a voltage source such as a battery. A wire wound coil cutting through a magnetic field generates a voltage potential . This electromagnetic principal is used in the magneto to create the spark at the spark plug gap which ignites the air fuel mixture in the engine cylinder.

A magneto may be driven directly from the engine with a solid coupling or it may be driven with an impulse coupling. The impulse coupling aids the magneto's ability to produce spark at very low turning speeds.

Industry brands such as Fairbanks Morse, Wico and vintage models such as American Bosch, Case, Eisemann, and International are serviced at our facility.

Magneto repair, servicing and replacement can be provided by Roko Service Ltd., "Your Auto Electric Specialists."

​Some manufacturers of magnetos we service are:

Wico, Fairbanks Morse, American Bosch, Eisemann, International, and Slick