Starter Rebuilding

The function of a vehicle starter motor is to crank the engine with sufficient speed so that the detonation of fuel in the engine cylinders will result in a running engine. To allow for this function the starter must be supplied with sufficient voltage from the battery. This in turn is dependent on proper alternator function, a good battery, good battery cables and clean battery cable connections.

Failure of the starter motor may result from longtime use, cranking with low voltage, or extended cranking due to engine issues (fuel, spark, etc.).

Our technicians will diagnose your vehicle starter problem and correct deficiencies so that the vehicle start is care free. If a starter motor is required, our large inventory of starter motors and starter motor component parts can be drawn on to expedite a repair. We can also offer a custom rebuild or repair service of the original starter motor.

Our inventory includes service parts and complete replacements units for industry names such as: Bosch, Delco, Delco Remy, Denso, Hitachi, Iskra, Leece Neville, Lucas, Mahle, Magnetti Marelli, Mitsuba, Mitsubishi, Motorcraft, Nikko,  Nippondenso, Sawafugi, Visteon.

From the smallest ATV to automotive, marine, agricultural and off road industrial starters can be rebuilt.