Vintage/Classic Electrical Component Rebuilding

Replacement electrical components for vintage vehicles can be difficult to and obtain and questionable in quality.  In many cases our technicians can service and repair components that are broken and no longer functioning. Our auto-electricians can also diagnosis electrical issues on vehicles and engage repair strategies that provide solutions that will keep your vehicle running.  With experience in electrical components dating back to the 1920's, we are capable of providing custom rebuilding of your vintage components so they will again operate at original specifications.

We also have a large reference library of original wiring diagrams for vintage cars. Our databases can retrieve wiring diagrams for most North American built vehicles of the 20th century.  We are also capable of providing parts from our large inventory. If you are in need of vintage components, starters, generators, voltage regulators or magnetos give us a call and see how we can help you. ROKO SERVICE LTD. “Your Auto Electric Specialists”